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An audio version about Celebrant work and why it is important to you.

a Non-Denominational Ceremonial Ministry

Ruthann Brown, CFSP, CC
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   You are planning a very special event. You will have family and friends come out and be present for a service. But will anyone understand what this day means to you?

   Ironically, this thought process is true for those who are planning a wedding ceremony, as well as those who are planning a funeral or memorial service. You know folks will come... some out of friendship... some out of social obligation; but will they understand the importance of this day?

   Will they leave, understanding the commitment, the love, the heart of the matter?


    I remember my wedding day. I didn't want a fancy reception for folks that didn't understand why I was getting married. I wanted my ceremony to have a heart and get everyone to hear the beat. I wanted them to be as excited as I was about this monumental decision.

   How about you?

Photo Credit: Photography by Orlando

       Joyous words

reflect the exhuberance

     of this moment.


   You can rest assured, I am the wedding officiant who will tell the story behind the ceremony, adding the elements important to you and your  family. In an age where many describe themselves as 'spiritual, but not religious', I can tailor your wedding ceremony around your love story. Although I do not preach or deliver sermons, as seminarians do; at your request I will add scripture readings and a prayer, seeking God's blessing over your marriage. This can be essential to the parents and grandparents present, who believe marriage should be additionally sanctioned by an authority other than the certifying State.


Funerals & Memorials

   My father's funeral was a heartache to go through. I knew tons of people were coming, but they knew only a shred of what he was all about. There was so much more to him than the businessman everyone saw walking down Main Street. A glimpse into his world would reveal a compassionate man with a deep love for his wife and seven kids; who was active in church, scouts and loved the Peter Pan Bakery.


The Browns


Remembering joyous times

     honors the richness

       of the life lead.




The Process

     Through effective and thoughtfully conducted interviews, your service or ceremony is specially designed to allow personality to come through. Spoken in love, with the voice of your heart, the words paint a breathing picture and the room is drawn into the storyline. When appropriate, symbolism is added by incorporating readings, candle lightings, blendings, releases or sentimental remembrance tokens. Your wedding, funeral, memorial (or any other life event for that matter) can be uniquely you.


Ask Yourself...

Do you want yesterday's script or a Celebration of a Lifetime?

The difference in the end result is amazing.



Everyone travels a different path, has different traditions
and family dynamics; a life that is uniquely theirs alone.
Have a ceremony that honors the legacy that is created
by a very special love.

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Meet the Life Celebration Specialist with a Legacy of Service 
  Ruthann Brown is a Certified Celebrant through In-Sight Institute
a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner through APFSP
a NJ Licensed Practitioner of Mortuary Science
and a Non-Denominational Minister and Officiant
through World Christianship Ministries.
Ruthann resides in New Jersey
and is willing to travel to meet your needs.

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